For many years, Meldrum Mechanical Services has been providing timely support to industries from lime plants, factories and shipping docks to every industry in between, Meldrum Mechanical Services has served with around the clock support to help keep the production moving. “We keep industry running”, is truly our motto.

We have provided year round, 24 hour premium industrial repair, maintenance, products and services to our clients in the tri-state area and throughout the United States.

Meldrum Mechanical Services for years has been an integral member of the business community.  We are members of the Toledo Better Business Bureau, American Welders Society, NFIB and the Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce.

We have done projects for many of the leading industrial companies in the Tri State area.  We have also provided fabrication and custom services for many other companies throughout the United States.  We are a leader in innovation, providing your plant with money saving solutions conducive to your success in the highly competitive market place.

Safety is our first concern.  Meldrum prides itself on being safety conscience with every project.  Our company is in compliance with all OSHA Safety Trainings and MSHA Training.

The Meldrum Family has been manipulating metals since the turn of the last century.  The Meldrum Mechanical Services organization has assembled and trained the finest employees with diverse and unique skills not normally found in everyday machine and fabrication shops.  This gives us the ability to tackle even some of the toughest challenges that your company may face, efficiently and effectively.